Monday, 30 April 2012

Three Ways to de-stress

Stress at work can have serious implications for both your career and your personal life. Problems can easily pile up and become a major headache, but there are simple tips that can quickly make the situation seem more positive. Taking a step back from a stressful work environment can help you to see how to make small changes, which will have a big impact on your everyday life in both the office and at home.

1. Learn to Say ‘No’

One of the most regular complaints made by people that are stressed at work is that they just can’t say ‘no’, even when they are already struggling with a workload. When you find yourself taking on more than you cope with, remember that there is always the option of asking colleagues or even friends and family for help. If no avenue is open to you, it’s simply time to just say ‘no’. Even the most demanding boss will understand if you calmly explain where you’re struggling.

2. Dress With Confidence

Often a simple change can make a big difference and a boost in self-confidence can do wonders for your stress levels. If you feel like you’re in a rut at work, try a change in style to kick-start a change in attitude. The elegant Ted Baker dresses are a great way to create a stylish office look that will have you feeling ready for anything in no time.

3. Take a break

It’s important to get away from your desk at least once a day if you work in an office, so make sure you schedule a well-deserved break. Take your lunch away from your desk to take a break from pressures of work, get a change of scenery and clear your head before a busy afternoon. 

4. Manage your time

Set aside some time at the beginning or end of the week to divide your workload into manageable chunks. Creating a schedule for each day is a great way to manage your stress levels, as it will help you to prioritise the most important tasks. Get this vital work out of the way early in the day will give you a greater freedom to work at a pace that suits you. 

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  1. geees yeah, getting away from your desk at dinner has to happen, it sucks


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