Friday, 26 November 2010

Lonely Hearts Club

I have a slight obsession with keys, vintage ones especially, I went to Chatsworth House about 4 years ago and can vividly remember staring at their key collection in wonder for a very long time...

That's why I instantly fell in love with this collection by Australian jewellery designer Toby Jones (who's jewellery I first saw at the lovely Robinson Pfeffer!), I love his take on the half a heart necklaces and the idea of having a key to someone's heart, it's a little bit too lovely.

For more info and images, visit his website.


  1. very much to my taste, as you know i am a fan of keys too. even though i only have 5(including my house key).

    very delicate looking

  2. These are so so pretty! I like the first one best :D xxx

  3. GENIUS!!! I LOVE 'em too :)


  4. Ohhh lovely! Have a slight obsession with old keys too, (maybe because i lose my house keys on a regular basis!)i found some great old ones at an antiques fair
    Great re-work of these old keys


  5. love the second pic. awww just too cute! ehe xx


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